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Wildlife habitat installation



Our team of experienced contractors work alongside nature every day and always employ methods that minimise damage to the environment when undertaking both our natural green space management work and our tree services work too.

Protecting nature is a primary focus of Springwood and we take our responsibility as outdoor contractors very seriously. Regularly working alongside ecologists and other natural conservation experts, we have a sound approach to the environment and our impact on it.

Springwood Tree Services offer the installation and management of a wide variety of wildlife habitats including bird boxes, owl boxes, kestrel boxes, brash habitat piles, log stacks, natural fracture pruning and bat boxes. We are always more than happy to talk to our clients about suitable habitats to install in their gardens and how to encourage birds, insects and animals to visit them.


Alongside our wildife habitat work and grounds maintenance services, our team of highly qualified arborists also undertake all aspects of tree surgery and arboriculture including professional consultancy.  


Our Green Space Management services include:

Lincolnshire and post & rail fencing, tree & hedge planting, tree inspections, tree surveys & tree reports, TPO & Conservation Area applications, woodland path and ride creation, wildlflower meadow creation, woodland management, grant application support, wood milling, forestry, arb consultancy, logs & wood chip and wildlife habitat creation including bird, owl, kestrel and bat habitat boxes.

Springwood Tree services include:

Remedial tree work, crown raising, crown thinning & crown reduction, deadwooding, pollarding & re-pollarding, fruit tree pruning using traditional methods, tree felling, tree bracing and cabling, sectional dismantling and lowering, natural fracture pruning, woodland management, tree planting, sensitive tree surgery, hedge planting, hedge cutting, tree preservation and conservation area Council tree work applications, site clearance, storm damage, eco-plugging, tree management packages  and arboricultural consultancy. 

All waste can be left on site to be used as wildlife habitat, fuel or on your garden. Alternatively it will be removed and recycled as logs and wood chip for biomass.

For more information about our Tree Services please click here


For more information about our Green Space Management Services please click here


Wildlife habitat installation and management across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland

Owl box installation in Lincoln


Owls would naturally nest in cavities within mature trees. Howeverwith mature trees becoming more scarce Barn Owls are becoming more reliant on spaces within buildings and purpose made owl boxes on trees.

Owl boxes are great for attracting owls to nest on your property by giving them a safe haven. If you would like to install an Owl box in an outbuilding or on a tree, we will handle the whole process from sourcing to erecting suitable owl boxes in locations that Owls will happily live!


Did you know that bats can live for up to 30 years and fly at speeds of over 60mph?

In winter, bats use hibernation roosts and have been discovered roosting in all sorts of places.

Around three quarters of British bat species are known to roost in trees and the remaining species tend to favour man-made structures.

We can help you source, and erect a man-made bat box on your outbuildings or trees to encourage bats to roost in safety on your property.

Eco bat box installation
Kestrel box installation lincolnshire


Kestrels are no longer seen so commonly hovering alongside our motorways or field margins. Estimates suggest that the UK population has reduced from over 100,000 in the early 1970s to under 40,000 pairs today.

If you would like to help these iconic raptors by providing them with a good nest site, we can help you to source and erect purpose built Kestrel boxes in suitable spots on your trees. 


Providing nest boxes in your garden is a great way to attract different species of birds to your property. 

The best time to put up a new bird box is generally late autumn into early winter this is so that the birds can find, and get used to their nesting box ready for early spring. Realistically though, any time is good.

Having had a variety of bird boxes in our own garden for many years, we can advise you on what kind of nest box each species of bird prefers, source the perfect box and erect it exactly where you would like it. 

Birdbox installation near Lincoln
Brash and log habitat pile

Woodpiles, standing and fallen decaying wood are are vitally important for wildlife. They form a valuable habitat for mosses, lichens and fungi, as well as many insects, birds, small mammals and even amphibians and lizards.

Birds feed on insects that make their home in old wood and a decaying tree with a cavity or two can provide nest sites for birds and bats.

In woodlands, fallen wood occurs naturally and many species have adapted to use this as habitat. However, in our increasingly tidy countryside, fallen and dead wood is readily removed, rather than left to provide for wildlife.

We can provide logs, deadwood, and brash for your own brash habitat pile, or leave any arisings from tree work you have done, in piles or log stacks on your site so you too can provide vital habitat for a huge range of native British species.



Natural fracture pruning is a arboricultural technique that mimics the way natural tears and fractures occur on a tree's branches.

Creating valuable habitat for bats, birds and insects, natural fracture pruning also leaves a tree looking like nature intended and without large tree surgery wounds.

Whilst we will never remove more than we need to from a tree, we are always happy to discuss this form of tree pruning with our clients.

Tree work Lincoln
Hedge planting Nottinghamshire


A living fence, hedges provide privacy, shade, noise reduction, natural windbreaks and reduce pollution by absorbing pollutants from the air and releasing clean oxygen for us to breathe.

Providing habitat for countless animal, insect and bird species, we can source and plant all hedge types.

From initial on-site consultation to the planting itself, we will offer advice about the hedge plants that will thrive in your location and give you the benefits you are looking for in planting a hedge. Once in the ground we will provide any kit (stakes, canes, spirals and tree guards etc.) and care instructions to ensure your hedge survives and thrives long into the future.


Trees clean the air we breathe, absorbing harmful pollutants through their leaves and bark, and releasing clean oxygen for us to breathe. 

A single tree can be home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants.

We will provide you with advice about what trees will thrive in your setting, source and plant them for you, leaving you with tips on how to care for them once we leave.

We regularly undertake smaller domestic single tree planting work as well as large scale commercial tree planting schemes.

Tree planting near Newark
Wildflower meadow creation


Our countryside was once full of meadows bursting with a gorgeous variety of flowering plants, supporting butterflies, insects, birds and other wildlife. But since the 1930s, we have lost over 99% of those meadows.

Wildflowers provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with food throughout the year and, according to the WWF, on a single day in summer, one acre of wildflower meadow can contain 3 million flowers and produce 1 kg of nectar sugar. That's enough to support nearly 96,000 honey bees per day.

We would love to help you establish your own wildflower meadow and beautiful wildlife haven.

For more information about any of our services or to discuss your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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