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NPTC qualified tree surgeon in the East Midlands


Based near Newark, on the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire border, Springwood Trees employ a professional team of fully qualifed and insured tree surgeons, arborists & outdoor contractors.

Well-practiced in all aspects of high quality and sensitive arboriculture, we undertake tree surgery in Lincoln, Newark, Gainsborough, Retford, Wragby, Collingham, SaxilbySleaford, Grantham, Mansfield and all areas in-between, including along the Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire border.


Our highly-skilled employees are fully-qualified tree surgeons, experienced arborists and professional arboricultural consultants who utilise the latest tree care techniques and equipment to undertake all aspects of domestic & commercial tree work.

We are confidently able to offer an expert and extensive service for all aspects of tree, woodland & hedgerow management and wildlife conservation to domestic, commercial and agricultural clients who include large corporations, schools, environmental projects, hospitals, farms, construction services and large-scale maintenance companies as well as individual domestic customers.

We provide a comprehensive range of tree services and countryside management solutions including tree felling, crown thinning, crown reduction, tree planting, hedge trimming, tree reports and surveys, hedgerow planting, woodland management, TPO applications, wildlife habitat installation, Conservation Area notifications and site clearance services.

All tree work is carried out to the British Standard guidelines set out in BS:3998.

For more information on the specific tree services we offer please follow the link below... 

Springwood Tree Services Clients
Springwood Tree Services Clients


Springwood Tree Services Clients
Springwood Tree Services Clients
Springwood Tree Services Clients
Springwood Tree Services Clients
Springwood Tree Services Clients
Springwood Tree Services Clients


A knock on the front door of his family's farmhouse in 1999 (when he was just a whipper snapper at 18 years old) set company Director Damian on the path to where he (and Springwood) are today…

After a life lived outdoors, two terrible days egg packing and a few months building sheds hadn’t exactly inspired him to think about long-term careers in either. Knowing that he couldn't be chained to a desk for even just a few hours a day (we still struggle to get him into the office when we need to pick those tree surgeon brains of his now) Damian wasn't 100% sure what he wanted to do.


So, when family-friend and local tree surgeon, Trev Johnson knocked on his door and offered him some work wielding a chainsaw, he was hooked.

15 + yrs of a mix of Utility Arboriculture (swinging about with a chainsaw up trees under power lines) and domestic tree work followed before Springwood was born in early 2014.

… And here we are today, a Lincolnshire-based, family-run tree surgery business with a huge focus on conservation and the natural environment, doing the best by the trees we all rely on & still loving every single  second 🌳💪🏻

Springwood Tree Services Lincs








Employing a team of fully qualified, fully insured tree surgeons with over 20 years of arboricultural experience, we are well-practised in delivering high quality commercial and domestic tree surgery. Fully certified, our team of friendly, knowledgeable staff always have both the customers’ wishes and the conservational needs of the trees at the forefront of their minds.

Comprehensively certified, our team of friendly, knowledgeable staff always have both the customers’ wishes and the conservational needs of the trees at the forefront of their minds. After all, it is in everyone’s best interests to preserve them if we can.

As a reputable and well-established company, Springwood Tree Services will always ensure clients have access to:

 Evidence of Employers Liability & Public Liability insurance of £10 million (available via the link above).
•  Work to British Standard BS 3998:2010.
•  Fully qualified tree surgeons, including up-to-date NPTC certificates.
• Comprehensive FREE written quotations, including a fixed price, detailed specifications of the work to be undertaken, details of what will happen to the debris, who will be responsible for obtaining permissions (in the presence of a Tree Protection Order or Conservation Area), and what steps will be taken to protect you and your property.
• Our up-to-date Waste Carriers'
 License for disposal of arisings - we also
 have our own dedicated site for the recycling and reuse of products which guarantees 100% NO landfill.
•  References from previous customers.

Cutting trees during UK bird nesting season



Working with nature every day, we have a sound approach to the environment. Often working alongside ecologists, we make sure that birds, bats, newts and badgers are not at risk whilst tree work is carried out.

We are also very pleased and proud to say that all of our waste is 100% recycled.



There is a common misconception that all tree surgery in the UK must stop between the months of March and September and that simply isn’t true. 

According to current British legislation we have a responsibility to be extra vigilant when cutting trees and hedges during the summer months to ensure that we don’t disrupt nesting birds and other wildlife.



As professional arborists it is down to us to assess, record and confirm that any tree surgery carried out will not disturb actively nesting wildlife.

We always (regardless of month) conduct visual surveys of the trees and hedges when visit site to quote and then again when we begin work – if we spot an active nest of any kind, we postpone the necessary tree surgery until we are sure the nest is no longer in use.

It’s just common sense!


As many of us know an advert alone does not guarantee quality of work, that it will be carried out safely or that it needs to be carried out at all. Simply stripping trees of all their branches or reducing them to a mutilated stump has no arboricultural justification and in most cases acts to highlight the work of an untrained or inexperienced trader.

If tree work is not done properly, it could lead to:

•  Injury to people, including the untrained operators.
•  Property and infrastructure being put at serious risk.
•  Irrevocable damage to trees – that have taken many years to grow.
•  Loss of valuable tree stocks and wildlife habitat.
•  Unnecessary and increased ongoing maintenance costs for the owner.
•  Increased or invalid insurance cover.

The above occur all too regularly as a result of poor quality, ill-advised and badly executed tree work. Tree surgery requires a high degree of technical competence and an in-depth knowledge of trees and their needs. Supported by training, experience, the right equipment and a respect for the environment, we will only undertake necessary works using well trained and competent arborists.



Different trees have different needs and at Springwood Trees, we understand that. We offer entirely bespoke, site specific services from tree surgery to site clearance and tree reports to wildlife habitats.

The health of your trees depends a lot on how they are maintained and we understand that it is not possible for you to do all the work by yourself. Our tree care services are designed to ensure that you never have to worry about your trees again. Whether you have a tree whose crown is taking up too much space or you’d like a owl box erecting on your favourite trunk, we can take care of it for you - professionally and safely.



All of our operations are fully risk-assessed and our tree surgeons are trained and certificated in their field of work. In addition to this we ensure all staff are regularly reassessed and undergo five yearly refresher training. All operations are audited either annually or five yearly, (both internally and externally) to ensure we fully comply with all current and new legislation requirements, guaranteeing the most up to date operation available. All Springwood tree surgeons are trained in arboricultural first aid, in addition to which we have certificated arborists for use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (M.E.W.P), Aerial Rescue, Chipper and Stump grinding, and much more. All of which allows us to provide a complete and comprehensive service to all of our customers.

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