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Fully qualified tree surgeons in Lincolnshire



Working across the East Midlands, Springwood Tree Services combine the latest tree care techniques, specialist tree surgery equipment and continual professional development with highly skilled arboists who are passionate about their work, to deliver every aspect of commerical and domestic tree work, all carried out to the British Standard guidelines set out in BS:3998. 

Fully NPTC & LANTRA qualified to carry out all aspects of tree work and with £10 million public liability insurance, our team of experienced arborists work alongside nature everyday and always employ working methods that minimise damage to the environment. Alongside our tree surgery services, we offer a variety of conservation and habitat creation work. 


Our tree services include:

Remedial tree work, crown raising, crown thinning & crown reduction, deadwooding, pollarding & re-pollarding, fruit tree pruning using traditional methods, tree felling, tree bracing and cabling, sectional dismantling and lowering, natural fracture pruning, woodland management, tree planting, sensitive tree surgery, hedge planting, hedge cutting, tree preservation and conservation area Council tree work applications, site clearance, storm damage, eco-plugging, tree management packages  and arboricultural consultancy. 

All waste can be left on site to be used as wildlife habitat, fuel or on your garden. Alternatively it will be removed and recycled as logs and wood chip for biomass.

Other Springwood services include:

Tree & hedge planting, tree inspections, tree surveys & tree reports, TPO & Conservation Area applications, woodland path and ride creation, Lincolnshire Fencing, woodland management, grant application support, wildflower meadow creation, wood milling, forestry, arb consultancy, logs & wood chip and wildlife habitat creation including bird, owl, kestrel and bat habitat boxes.

For more information about our Natural Green Spaces Services please click here.


For more information about our Wildlife Habitat Services please click here.


Our fully qualified and insured arborists ALWAYS have the needs of the trees, our clients and industry best practice (BS:3998) at the forefront of their minds when undertaking all aspects of tree work 

Tree surgery in Lincoln


Crown reduction is a common tree pruning technique which involves reducing the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree. Useful in managing the stress and weight on a tree’s branches and minimising the shadows they cast, crown reductions should always be done by qualified tree surgeons to the exacting standards stated in BS:3998.


Increasing the height of the lower canopy of the tree is known as crown lifting. Often carried out in urban areas, the aim is to achieve more space between the ground and the lower crown of the tree. Opening up access for vehicles, pedestrians, buildings or street furniture, it is also employed in domestic tree work to allow for more space and access underneath a tree.

Tree Services in Collingham
Tree surgeon in Newark


Achieved by selectively removing secondary and/or tertiary branches from within the canopy of a tree, crown thinning is a pruning technique used primarily on broadleaf species. Commonly employed to increase light through the crown of a tree, crown thinning can be time consuming if done correctly as it is essential that enough photosynthetic area is maintained to allow for healthy growth. 

Tree Services in Collingham


"Deadwood" refers to any branch or stem that remains on a tree but is no longer living. These may appear cracked and brittle and will have a reduced number of leaves or needles on them. Dead limbs are of no further use to the tree and can pose a risk as they are more likely to snap and fall. 

Deadwood removal will help to maintain the overall health of the tree and minimise risk. 

Tree pollarding in Lincolnshire


Pollarding and re-pollarding are methods used predominantly to manage trees that would otherwise outgrow their location and require removal.

In order to pro-actively manage pollarded tree it is recommended that you commission a qualified arborist to re-pollard it every 4-6 years.


Trees clean the air we breathe, absorbing harmful pollutants through their leaves and bark, and releasing clean oxygen for us to breathe. 

A single tree can be home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants.

We will provide you with advice about what trees will thrive in your setting, source and plant them for you, leaving you with tips on how to care for them once we leave.

We regularly undertake smaller domestic single tree planting work as well as large scale commercial tree planting schemes.

Tree planting Lincoln
Tree felling in Lincoln


If a tree has become unsafe due to disease or death or is causing structural issues on your property, felling it may be the only option.

Springwood Tree Services have the necessary skills to fell tricky and dangerous trees, not matter their size. When straight felling isn't an option, we will safely dismantle the tree to avoid causing damage to anything within its vicinity. 


Reducing and felling of trees in tight spaces or with structures or utility wires within their vicinity can call for sectional dismantling or the lowering of all wood from the tree. This is done to avoid causing uneccessary damage to anything that lies beneath it.

Tree services in Lincoln
Remedial Tree work Collingham


With our number one priority at Springwood Trees being to protect and conserve trees, we regularly undertake remedial tree work to prevent having to fell and remove them.

This can include monolith work (retaining a stump as wildlife habitat), propping or cabling to support heavy or broken branches and removal of damaged limbs.


Storms, gale force winds and the Great British adverse weather inevitably cause damage to trees, often leaving them in dangerous positions. Springwood Trees are on call to safely undertake emergency tree work in Newark, Lincoln, Retford, Sleaford, Gainsborough, Collingham, Saxilby and surrounding areas.

It is incredibly dangerous to attempt storm damage tree clearance and it should be left to professional tree surgeons. For emergency tree work callouts please ring 07765 658935

Emergency tree work Collingham
Tree TPO and Conservation application


There are two pieces of current legislation that mean you cannot work on your trees without the permission of the your District Council. Some trees are under the protection of a Tree Preservation Order or you may live within a designated Conservation Area. Broken, and both carry huge enforceable fines.

We can take care of the whole process from initial site visit and quote to the submission of the application itself, all resulting Council liaison and subsequent tree work.

For more information about any of our services or to discuss your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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